Selling a home requires preparation, patience, and in most cases, good old-fashioned elbow grease. First impressions are key, so if you’re in the market to sell, it’s probably time to clean house. Literally! Fresh paint, clean closets, cheery flowers - there is a lot you can do to make even the most humble abode look like a million bucks. Check out this “Get Ready to Sell” checklist for some quick tips.

Beyond ensuring that your home is squeaky clean, staging can be the difference between boring and breathtaking. It’s also one of the very best ways to attract good, qualified buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your home.

The way in which we live in our homes is very different from the way in which we market them for sale. Staging highlights the best features of your home and helps minimize any drawbacks. It allows a buyer to feel comfortable and “at home,” while visualizing themselves living there without distraction. This is especially important if your home is not occupied. Communicating a home’s potential to prospective buyers is difficult when left vacant.

We will walk through your home and offer advice on effective staging techniques most of which are simply and don’t cost a penny. Full staging services are also available.

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